Bed buying guide

Whether you’re looking for style, storage or absolute comfort, we have a range of beds and mattresses to suit your requirements. From memory foam mattresses to traditional divan bed sets, we have something for everyone.

40 night
40 night
10 year guarantee
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Why are you shopping today?

Knowing why you’re shopping for a new mattress will help us recommend the right one for you, throughout this guide we’ll give you tips, which can narrow down the many options.

Moving, Replacing or Upgrading

Usually try to replace every 7-8 years. Bensons beds are built to last but our individual sleep needs change over time.
  • Consider design, colour, size, storage to suit your individual needs
  • Whatever your budget, we have something to suit your needs
  • 40 night comfort guarantee

Trouble Sleeping, Soreness or Allergies

Whether it’s too hot, cold, feeling pressure points, or allergies we’ll find the right solution for you
  • Our exclusive igel for temperature regulation
  • Memory, Gel or Latex mattresses provide excellent pressure relief
  • Many of our ranges come with 100% natural protection against allergens
Restyling room

Restyling a Room

A stylish frame will be top priority, but extra storage can be a big benefit too. Choose a good mattress with plenty of base options.
  • Contemporary or classic – we have a wide choice to suit your needs
  • Make a statement with a hotel height headboard
  • Ottomans provide the ultimate storage space

Guests and Sleepover Solutions

Whether a planned or surprise visit, we have some great sleepover solutions
  • Rollo by Slumberland – a rolled mattress that can be collected in store or quick home delivery
  • Guest beds - 3 in 1 single beds, Daybeds and folding beds.
  • Sofabeds are the perfect multifunctional solution - a stylish sofa, which quickly and easily converts to a guest bed
Growing child

Children's Growing Needs

A good supportive mattress is even more important for children; supporting their back health and spinal alignment
  • Whilst a single is a popular choice for children consider a small double (120cm) or double (135cm) - perfect for their growing needs..
  • Maximise storage – ottoman or drawers are a perfect solution
  • Multifunctional, Bunk Beds, High-Sleepers, Mid Sleepers can all offer great solutions for space, storage and workspace.

Bed buying tips

By our experts "Size really is important – go for the largest size you can fit in your room, Consider your new mattress as an investment in your health and wellbeing. Allow sufficient time to select the bed - you will be sleeping on it for years to come."
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Nicola Mather Sales Consultant
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Sleep tips

by our sleep expert
Dr Sophie Bostock
Where do you start if you want to improve your sleep? Well, if you want to change anything, it’s really helpful to know where you’re starting from. So the first thing I recommend is a sleep diary to help track patterns. Click here to read about the benefits of keeping a sleep diary.

Any sleep or health issues?

Struggle with back pain, soreness or arthritis? Perhaps you have allergies? Investing in a quality mattress that suits your individual needs will not only improve your quality of sleep, but your overall health too. Here’s an overview:
back pain

Back Problems

Look for maximum support and a mix of memory foam and pocket springs
  • Correct support and comfort is essential to helping alleviate back problems, try our unique Sleep PRO in store
  • Pressure Relief can help alleviate back pain. Memory, Gel and Latex mattresses provide excellent pressure relief
hot cold

Too hot or too cold

If you’re too hot in summer, or too cold in winter, you might benefit from a temperature-regulating mattress
  • Our iGel brand is exclusive to Bensons for temperature control
  • Pair with a mattress topper for best results

I can’t get comfortable

If you can’t get comfortable you might have the wrong firmness, or a mattress with low support.
  • More Support - more springs provide greater support, incorporating finer wire, which can adapt better to the contours of the body.
  • More Comfort - Mini springs can enhance comfort too but most comfort comes from the filling layers
  • Check our sleep positions guide for helpful guides and information
Restless partner

Partner moves a lot

If you partner moving disturbs your sleep, there are sleep solutions to help
  • Pocket springs offer individual support for each sleeper, reducing roll-together and motion
  • Zip and link mattresses are a great option for individual comfort
  • A larger bed can help providing each sleeper with greater sleeping space

I have allergies

Look for 100% natural treatment to protect against allergens. Latex is a popular choice
  • New Airstream Range
  • Silentnight Choices
  • Sealy Sanctuary range


Did you know snoring is often caused by poor alignment of the air and vocal cords? While not a cure, a good mattress / pillow combination can often improve the situation.
  • Sleeping on your back is a common cause, while sleeping on your side can solve the problem. A comfortable mattress for side sleeping can help retrain your habits.
  • Also try our Kally Sleep Anti-snoring pillow

About our mattress types & technologies

There’s a lot of technical terms when mattress shopping. Our handy guide breaks down the types. While it’s down to personal choice, generally you can’t go wrong with a pocket sprung; the higher the spring count the more luxurious.

product icon

Memory Foam

Originally developed by NASA, memory foam moulds to your shape.
  • New Airstream Range
  • Sealy Sanctuary range
product icon

Temperature regulation

If you get too hot or cold at night iGel is the way to go
  • iGel product is exclusive to Bensons
  • Best for temperature control
product icon

Pocket sprung

Individually wrapped springs for extra support.
  • Best for individual comfort
  • Stops partner roll-together
  • Good for any sleep position
product icon

Rolled up

Comes rolled for convenience. Latest technology and no compromise on quality
  • Rollo is exclusive to Bensons and won the Best Mattress Award.
  • Fast delivery or collect from store
product icon


Made from natural materials for a comfortable and ethical choice.
  • Try our latex and climalatex brands
  • Bespoke is made from
  • All our cotton is sustainably sourced.
product icon

Open Coil

An economical choice, which comes with Bensons quality guarantee
  • Best for the budget
  • Good level of comfort
  • Good for Singles

Bed buying tips

By our experts "If you regularly find yourself too hot or cold at night, Our iGel exclusive mattresses could be the answer."
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Jaimie Triguer Sales Consultant
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Sleep tips

by our sleep expert
Dr Sophie Bostock
If you want to boost your energy levels, aim to get outside within the first hour of waking up and soak up some daylight for at least ten minutes. This will really help to kickstart the body clock. If you can’t get outside then stay by a window for as long as possible during daylight hours.

How do you sleep?

Your preferred sleeping position has a significant impact on your ideal mattress type as it determines the alignment of your spine. If you share your bed with a partner, always check their preferred position too.

Side Sleeper

With extra pressure on your hips and shoulders, a side sleeper will want a supportive mattress, not too firm.
  • Memory foam will mould to contours providing pressure relief
  • Latex mattresses is a natural filling which gives instant pressure relief to reduce aches and pains
  • A medium or soft mattress to ensure not too much pressure is placed on the shoulders and hips

On my Back

Will want a firmer mattress with neck support to keep spinal alignment.
  • Pocket sprung mattresses are ideal as offer individual support
  • Choose the correct pillow to ensure the spine is kept in optimum alignment
  • Downside is snoring - try our Anti-snore pillow

On my Front

If you can’t get comfortable you might have the wrong firmness, or a mattress with low support.
  • Consider moving up a size if you have the room - try a kingsize or superking
  • Ensure you use a soft pillow that allows your head to be on the side
  • Try a new position! It may take a while but the benefits will be worth it

My Partner & I are very different

Partners often don’t have the same position, but no one wants to compromise their sleep
  • Our Staples Bespoke collection offers optimum choice, 2 different mattress tensions One side firm - one side soft
  • consider moving up a size if you have the room - try a kingsize or superking.
  • Our Slumberland Airstream Memory collection respond to each sleepers body contours and absorb movement

It Varies

If you move around a lot it's difficult to find a mattress to suit. But luckily Bensons have some good options.
  • Try our Rollo Hybrid Duo plus mattress with a deep memory foam layer on the top and high sprung count for extra support
  • A pillow-top feature is a great way of offering a multi-feel mattress - try our Clima Airstream Memory 9000 or or Staples Bespoke

Shop by comfort rating

Every mattress retailer and brand has slightly different firmness ratings, but at Bensons we simplify that into our 4 levels, which we can match to your needs. The right firmness rating depends on your weight, shape and personal preference. After all, some people like the cosy cushioning of a soft mattress while others prefer something firm. To help you make the right decision, all our mattresses are labeled with 1 of 4 different firmness ratings.
  • soft
  • medium
  • firm
  • extra-firm
  • soft
  • medium
  • firm
  • extra-firm

Zip & Link

If you and your partner are very different try our Zip and link: Allows you to customise each side of the mattress to a different firmness. It’s perfect if you and your partner sleep differently, or have a significant weight differences.
  • The Super Product 5000 is best on a budget
  • The Different Product 900 is our most popular
  • The Best Design 6000 is top of the range for maximised comfort


If you’re still unsure about which firmness is right for you, pop into our store, our SleepPRO will analyse your body position to find the right one, before you try out the models it recommends. Find out about our store locations here.

Choose your size

Mattress sizes are fairly standardised in the UK. A larger bed will improve your quality of sleep and reduce partner disturbance, when you consider a double bed provides each sleeper with less space than a cot bed mattress, it is clear to see how a larger bed can enhance your sleep. The King Size is the most popular choice for a couple.

Bed buying tips

By our experts Choosing the right pillow is key. It can help with both comfort and spinal alignment. Select a pillow to suit the way you sleep – front, back or side.
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Pam Johnson Head of buying
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Sleep tips

by our sleep expert
Dr Sophie Bostock
Sticking to a regular routine is good for your sleep. Waking up at the same time, 7 days a week is my number one favourite sleep hack….the ideal wake up time is the time that you can stick to, 7 days a week. Set an alarm. Allow yourself an hour’s grace on weekends if you like -but the more days you can stick to it the better.

About Our Brands

Bensons partners with only the most respectable brands, and proudly makes several of its own from its factory in Cambridgeshire. When buying from us you can sleep easy, knowing we backup our products with an up to 10 year guarantee.
Slumberland Rollo Sensaform Silentnight iGel Tempur Sealy JayBe Bespoke Dunlopillo.svg


Bensons own brand, made with high spring count for great support.
  • Great Value for Money
  • Great for pocket springs
  • Fresh and breathable.


Bensons exclusive rolled mattresses, with memory foam for good comfort, convenience and quality.
  • Won the best mattress award
  • Fast delivery
  • The Hybrid Duo is our most popular rolled mattress.


Hybrid technology utilising both pocket spring and memory foam for extra comfort.
  • Airstream collection with hybrid technology.
  • Airflow and copper infused memory foam for cooling
  • Great pressure relief


The UK’s most trusted mattress brand. Specialising in pocket sprung mattresses
  • Good for the budget.
  • Recommend the Choices collection.


Our exclusive iGel collection is designed for moisture and temperature regulation. Boasting 98.8% satisfaction.
  • Best for Temperature control
  • Great for pressure relief
  • iGel Advance 2000 is our most popular


Made with Nasa technology, the Tempur mattress improves on memory foam for a perfect balance of comfort and support.
  • The Tempur One offers a top-of-the-line mattress experience
  • Best for Motion absorption
  • Best for support.


Specialising in firm pocket sprung mattresses
  • Good Temperature regulation
  • Anti Allergy
  • Sanctuary collection for firm support


Our best-of-the-best, premium, Handcrafted, customisable mattresses for supreme comfort. Visit instore to try.
  • Natural wool, cashmere and silk tailored to your comfort
  • Wide range of colors and fabrics
  • Over 5000 springs for total support

Bed buying tips

By our experts “Complete your divan bed set with a matching fabric headboard or go bold with a hotel height design.”
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Robert Elwell Sales Consultant
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Sleep tips

by our sleep expert
Dr Sophie Bostock
I suggest reading a book to reduce your stress levels and improve creativity, before you switch out the light. The printed page is less alerting for the brain than backlit screens. Scientists found that picking up a book for just 6 minutes can reduce muscle tension and slow the heart rate, readying the body for sleep.

Shop for Mattresses by Price

Mattresses are uniquely personal. While some people can sleep on anything, others need the unique support of a top price mattress. Whatever your budget, Bensons has the right mattress for you.

Best for a Budget

Even at the entry level Bensons offer only good quality British made mattresses.
  • Typically, open coil, or lower spring count models.
  • Bensons Options range has a good selection at a great price.

Our Most Popular

This is where most people pick something to suit them, most mattress types are available & feel great.
  • High Pocket spring options and some hybrid types.
  • Sensaform Airstream collection for a mix of pocket and memory foam

For Top Comfort

If sleep is precious to you, and you notice the difference, consider investing a little extra. It can make a huge difference.
  • Hybrid pocket spring & Memory Foam and other advanced technologies.
  • iGel range for temperature control
  • Sealy Sanctuary collection

Fit for Royalty

A platinum mattress is like sleeping on a cloud. For those who want the best of the best.
  • Natural or high-tech materials.
  • Tempur One with Nasa technology.
  • Bespoke can be customised specifically to you.

Other Considerations


Base or Frame

  • All of our mattresses have the option of a Divan Base. Or you can buy a Bedframe separately. We talk about these each in our next section.
  • All Bensons Divan Bases have a discount included when purchased with a mattress. The saving is automatically added when you select it.


Bensons offers 0% interest financing for up to 12 months on all purchases. We want to help you get the right bed without worrying about interest, so we’ve worked with our partners to give you the most flexible and affordable options.

Pay in 3 interest-free instalment with Klarna. T's and C's apply

Our Commitment to Environment

In order to avoid irreversible damage caused by climate change, we are working in line to limit global temperature warming by 1.5˚C above pre-industrial levels, 10 years before the UK Government target. To do this, our specific targets within our Net Zero commitment are:

To be Net Zero across our emissions derived from our direct electricity consumption by 2030.
To be Net Zero across our emissions derived from our direct gas consumption and transport fuels by 2035.
To be Net Zero by 2040 across all of our emissions from indirect operations.

Shop by type

Bed types are a very individual choice, mixing style with practicality. Bensons has a large range of options to suit and though we typically are known for our divans, we have a great selection of bed frames and TV beds available too. Divan bed assembly available on request.

product icon

Divan beds

Divan beds are a complete bed including a mattress and base with a choice of storage options, simply add a headboard for that finishing touch.

product icon

TV beds

TV beds come with televisions at the foot-end of the bed. Ideal for duvets days and breakfast in bed.

product icon

Ottoman beds

Ottoman beds are the perfect storage solution, simply lift the lid to see how the whole base provides enormous storage space.

product icon

Bed frames

Bed frames come in a variety of styles and types including wood, fabric and metal. Many feature headboards, too.

product icon

Sofa beds

Versatile and adaptable, sofa beds transform from sofa to bed in a matter of seconds.

product icon

Adjustable beds

Adjustable bed is a fantastic choice if you read, watch TV in bed, work on your laptop or have specific needs for an automatic bed – allowing you to raise your head and legs for that perfect comfort / sleeping position.

product icon

Guest beds

Guest beds include trundle beds, which hide under the bed, or beds that can be stored away.

Shop by storage

Whether it’s 2-drawers, 2+2 drawers or even 4-drawers, our divan beds offer a stylish storage solution that’s hidden but close-at-hand.

Bed Assembly

For a small charge of £20, our delivery team can assemble your divan bed plus headboard (if purchased and delivered with the divan bed). We'll also clear away all unwanted packaging and recycle it to ensure you're ready for a good night's sleep.

Currently, only divan beds are included in our assembly service. For further advice regarding our assembly services, please speak to our Web Admin team on 0808 144 6160 or email